Health Coaching

Health happens in a process of change and development. It encompasses the physical, psychological, social and spiritual levels of our being. Exercise, nutrition, relaxation are as important as inner balance and the question of meaning. The question: "How do I relate to what is?" is a central component in our own health orientation.

This orientation is reflected in the diverse methodological approaches of health coaching and gives the individual the opportunity to consider and work on his own process in a way that suits him and his question.

The focus is on the question of how everyone can master the professional and private challenges with the personal conditions in a concrete life situation and how it is possible to find and strengthen the necessary and healthy forces. Part of the process is to get in touch with inner thoughts, feelings and sensations, with one's own values and orientation in life. Mindfulness, one's own ability to perceive, being present in the moment is an important element for the sustainability of this process.

For exercise, nutrition, relaxation, sleep and stress management, the concepts are based on mind-body medicine, which are based on the recovery of self-regulation and self-efficacy. Pain What to do? The rehabilitative view.

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The specialists for this treatment

Matthias Reckert

Matthias Reckert, specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine, specialist in surgery, manual medicine/chirotherapy, integrated psychosomatic care, he is a trained mind-body physician, health coaching with FACT/ACT and PEP.
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