Healthy in stress / prevention

There is always something we have to do.

And we not infrequently experience that technical facilitations that have the goal of saving time, they lead to time pressure and rushing for many of us. We are left with the feeling of not having enough time for a task and above all: not having enough time for the things that are ultimately important to us - and not enough time for ourselves. Permanently available and here and there at the same time - is that possible? What falls by the wayside?

Perhaps we stress ourselves out by wanting to do too much in too short a time and too much at the same time. That we torture ourselves with worries and fears, feel rushed and ultimately powerless. And often left alone, even if we have countless "friends" in virtual social networks.

The " Healthy in Stress" course is about looking at what is and learning practical skills to strengthen your own health, self-care and build effective self-management. It is structured like a seminar that has been proven to strengthen stress resistance and increase self-efficacy and self-competence.

It focuses on the four key pillars of stress management:

  • Healthy and stress-reducing behaviors
  • Sufficient exercise
  • Regular inner reflection and relaxation
  • Healthy nutrition

These pillars relate to everyday life. This means that although the participant also gains insights into the theoretical context and scientific background of MBMSR (Mind-Body Medical Stress Reduction), the modules are designed to be very practical and suitable for everyday life. All pillars are permeated by a common principle, that of mindfulness.

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The specialists for this treatment

Matthias Reckert

Matthias Reckert, specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine, specialist in surgery, manual medicine/chirotherapy, integrated psychosomatic care, he is a trained mind-body physician, health coaching with FACT/ACT and PEP.
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