Rehabilitation Medicine – Naturopathic

Due to higher life expectancy and the associated increase in chronic diseases, the need for preventive and rehabilitative measures to maintain functional health is steadily increasing. In the therapeutic repertoire available for this purpose, the classical naturopathic methods of traditional European medicine are playing an increasingly important role in everyday practice.

Many patients request naturopathic therapy procedures. In order to provide the best possible care, it is important to clarify which of these therapeutic procedures can be considered effective and which can best be combined with effective naturopathic procedures in addition to conventional medicine. The interaction of conventional medicine and naturopathy is referred to as "integrative medicine".

Naturopathic medicine can be defined as therapeutic measures that activate physical and mental order and healing forces with remedies taken directly from nature with few side effects and serve to promote health, alleviate complaints and cure diseases within the framework of overall medicine. Integrative medicine aims to combine the procedures of conventional medicine with those of naturopathic medicine. In this context, procedures such as neural therapy can also initiate healing processes.   

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The specialists for this treatment

Matthias Reckert

Matthias Reckert, specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine, specialist in surgery, manual medicine/chirotherapy, integrated psychosomatic care, he is a trained mind-body physician, health coaching with FACT/ACT and PEP.
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