Founder of the ONZ, an experienced specialist for diseases of the shoulder, elbow, hand and knee and a specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery

Dr. Bernd Ferkmann was born on April 20, 1952 in Asheberg, near Muenster. He studied medicine in Munster, Frankfurt and Aachen. At the University Hospital in Aachen and in the hospital Marienhohe in Würselen Prof. Dr. Hopf and Prof. Dr.Staudte were his first teachers.

Following its approval in 1981, he began his surgical training at St. Marien Hospital in Luedinghausen as an assistent to Dr. Peter Scot, specialist in orthopedics and rheumatology. His other orthopedic training took Dr. Ferkmann in 1984 at St. Maryien Hospital in Oberhausen, Germany under the supervision of Prof. Dr. med Peic and Prof. Dr. med Imhäuser.

Dr. Ferkmann finished his training in orthopedics in 1987 when he became specialist in orthopedic surgery. Then he continued his activities as a senior consultant in the orthopedic clinic at St. Marien Hospital in Hamm by the end 1988. There he established the arthroscopic surgery in the spectrum of surgically oriented department.

In 1989 Dr. Ferkmann opened his own practice. At the same time he establishe a cooperation with the Elisabeth Hospital in Recklinghausen where he operated his patiets as an attending surgeon.

Since 1996 Dr. Ferkmann hqas been the medical director of the rehab center – Activum at the Elisabeth Hospital in Recklinghausen.

Since 2004, Dr. Ferkmann at the Elisabeth Hospital in Recklinghausen has been representing a German Reference Centre for training in cervical and lumbar disc Nucleoplasty.

In January 2007, Dr. Ferkmann acquired the new specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery.

Dr. Ferkmann´s spectrum includes:

• Special orthopedic surgery
• Trauma Surgery
• Sports medicine
• Chiropractic
• physical therapy