Matthias Reckert

Fields of expertise

  • / Surgery
  • / Physical and rehabilitative medicine
  • / Manual therapy
  • / Psychosomatic primary care
  • / Mind-Body Medicine
  • / Naturopathy


Matthias Reckert emigrated to Norway in 2000 after obtaining his medical degree in surgery and lived and worked there for 18 years.

Facts and figures at a glance:

2000-2005 Narvik University Hospital Chief of Surgery and Orthopedics.

2005-2007 Helgelandsykehus Mo i Rana, senior physician in the department of orthopedics and trauma surgery

2007-2012 Residency in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at Sunnås University Hospital and Trondheim University Hospital

2012-2014 Chief physician in clinic Rehabiliteringssenteret AiR Rauland with focus on "Return to work".

2014-2018 Chief physician in clinic Helgeland Rehabilitering in Norway.

Moved back to Germany at the end of summer 2018 for family reasons.

2018 Chief physician of the rehabilitative medicine division in the Volmarstein Foundation.
This division includes various specialties: general rehabilitation, special rehabilitation (disabled medicine with physical and mental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders in school and boarding school), the psychological service and an MVZ.

From November 2019 at the Berufsförderungswerk Dortmund with Prof. Dr. Weber in the medical service.
Accompanying participants with physical or mental disabilities and their effects in the process on vocational rehabilitation until integration.

Since April 2020, he has been a specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine at ONZ.

Important for me,

to collaborate on concepts of holistic-integrative and cross-sectoral rehabilitative care and health promotion.
to jointly preserve patient care as a high good and to accompany it with continuous quality work.

My competencies lie in the following medical specialties:

Surgery/Orthopedics, physical- and rehabilitative - medicine, as well as in occupational medicine,
nutrition, nutritional psychology and physiology.

My understanding in medicine is based on the concept of multimodal and interdisciplinary, as well as integrative mind-body medicine, which I learned during my training at the University of Essen/ Duisburg. Here the multimodal prevention program of Prof. Dr. Esch "Healthy in Stress" is an important addition.

Important components in my medical work are, in addition to manual therapy/chirotherapy, pain therapy and the psychosomatic care of patients. Methods and tools are used in group and individual therapy.

"I believe that it doesn't take a stroke of fate for stress to permanently affect your health. Conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer are on the rise and can be a result of stress. Many of the risk factors for chronic disease are actual mostly failed attempts to cope with everyday stress.

In addition, depression, anxiety, and anger are related to stress, which also affects psychological well-being and interpersonal relationships. The point is to find out what new additional tools help. I am convinced that a mindfulness-based lifestyle enables us humans to be in the here and now, to feel the joy of life, and to give new meaning to our lives.

Finally, it's about fostering joy, balance, well-being and enjoyment - in other words, strengthening resources."

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Specialist for surgery

Specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine

Additional title:

Chirotherapy, manual therapy
Psychosomatic primary care

Additional qualification:

Cognitive Therapy, Education Norway, ACT/FACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) Scandinavian PhD. Kirk D. Strosahl, PhD Patricia J. Robinson
Process and embodiment-focused psychology in therapy and coaching according to Dr. Michael Bohne.
Euthyme Therapy
Mind- Body Medicine (KEM | Evang. Kliniken Essen-Mitte Prof. Dr. med. G. Dobos)
Additional qualification in naturopathy
Membership and honorary office:

Head of the National Expert Group for Quality Work of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (Head of Quality Assurance for NFFR since 2007- 2012).

Member of the Norwegian National Working Group of the Department of Health for people with CFS/ME, Burnout, Member of the Specialist Group Area CFS/ME since 2007

Member of the working group "Specialist training in physical medicine and rehabilitation in Northern Norway

Member of the Norwegian National Working Group for "MUPS" medical unexplained health conditions

ACBS Chapter Norway since 2014, member of the board ACT Norway

Member of the board of the National Association of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine since spring 2019.

Balint work/group since October 2019