Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy

Acupuncture - What is it?

Acupuncture is a form of therapy from traditional Chinese medicine.

The aim is to restore a harmonious flow of vital energy within the pathways on which the acupuncture points are located.

Acupuncture treatment is possible for many orthopedic diseases. It works very well for painful dysfunctions of the large joints (especially knee joint wear), back pain of the lumbar and cervical spine, shoulder pain, "tennis elbow", etc.

Acupuncture treatment lasts 20 minutes. Very thin, special disposable acupuncture needles are inserted into precisely specified points on the surface of the body.

Acupuncture treatment usually includes 10 sessions. 1-2 treatments per week should be performed. Patients usually feel the first improvements after 4-6 sessions, but sometimes only after the acupuncture treatment is completed.

In case of chronic pain (existing for more than 6 months) at the knee and at the lumbar spine, the acupuncture treatment is covered by the public health insurance. Private health insurance companies also reimburse this treatment.

Indications, areas of application of acupuncture

The most important, and in practice most frequent areas of application of acupuncture can be found in the following list:

  1. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system Back pain (lumbar and cervical spine syndrome) Joint pain at knee (especially knee joint wear), hip, shoulder, elbow, osteoarthritis/arthritis of small joints
  2. migraine, headache
  3. Cervical spine complaints with dizziness, headaches or tinnitus
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