Endoscopy lumbar spine

Innovative treatment options through the keyhole technique

Under certain conditions, there is the possibility of so-called endoscopic surgery for a lumbar disc herniation. In this case, the herniated disc can be removed through a skin incision of less than one centimeter either in the area of the flank or the lower back. This procedure is very gentle for the patient, as there is no need to open the spinal canal over a large area. This almost completely avoids the scarring often feared by the patient.


Just as individual as the patient's disease is, we can draw on various systems for endoscopic disc surgery, which allow us to offer the ideal surgical method for each patient.

Thus, we are able to eliminate even bony nerve canal stenoses in this gentle way. Previously, patients had to accept much larger operations for this.

Due to the very gentle surgical procedure, the patient can usually leave the hospital after only a few days.

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The specialists for this treatment

Dr. Guido Ostermann

Specialist in neurosurgery and expert in conservative, minimally invasive and surgical treatment of chronic pain of the cervical and lumbar spine.
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Dr. Bernd Illerhaus

Specialist in neurosurgery, spine surgery, manual medicine/chirotherapy and expert in conservative and minimally invasive endoscopic and surgical treatment of degenerative and traumatic spinal diseases.
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