Spinal Instability

There are also alternatives to stiffening

Spinal instability is a biomechanical disorder and causative for many spinal disorders. Associated clinical pictures are

  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Scoliosis
  • Herniated discs
  • Degenerations
  • Spondylosis
  • Hypertonus of the erector spinae muscle

Instability of the spine usually develops due to age or due to existing spinal disorders such as herniated discs, existing malpositions, round or flat backs, growth disorders such as wedge vertebrae, hemivertebrae and other segmentation disorders, scolioses, Scheuermann's disease.


The diagnosis is made by orthopedic examination and by MRI, CT, and X-ray. Images in inclination and reclination can be used to demonstrate instability.

Instability can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. In the case of mild instability, there are usually no pathological changes, in the case of moderate instability, segmental degenerative changes already occur, and in the case of severe instability, segmental or multisegmental damage can be observed.

The aim of conservative treatment is to bring the uncontrolled movement within one or more movement segments under control. This can be achieved, for example, by targeted physiotherapy to build up muscles. In advanced stages (e.g., grade 4 spondylolisthesis), spinal instability may be treated surgically, especially if the back pain is unbearable.

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Dr. Thomas Bierstedt

Dr. Thomas Bierstedt is a specialist in neurosurgery and an expert in the conservative and surgical treatment of degenerative and traumatic spinal disorders.
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Dr. Bernd Illerhaus

Specialist in neurosurgery, spine surgery, manual medicine/chirotherapy and expert in conservative and minimally invasive endoscopic and surgical treatment of degenerative and traumatic spinal diseases.
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Dr. Jakob Roberg

Dr. Roberg is a specialist in spine surgery and an expert in the surgical treatment of cervical and lumbar spine disorders.
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