PSI Knee Endoprosthetics

Individual patient-specific instruments for the artificial knee joint

Studies show that the shape of the bone has an influence on the fit of a knee prosthesis. In order to take the individual patient anatomy even more into account in knee joint replacement, the PSI "Patient Specific Instruments" method was developed. 

We use the innovative system of the ZimmerBiomet company, in which patient-specific cutting templates developed according to the latest findings are implanted. Thus, the individual anatomy of the knee joint can be optimally addressed.


Magnetic resonance imaging is used to measure the knee joint and create a "cartilage mapping" as a negative impression of the joint surface. Based on this data, the operation is planned using special software and a plastic template corresponding to the negative impression is created. Intraoperatively, this template guarantees the exact alignment of the necessary bone incisions for implantation of the prosthetic components. 

The PSI technique makes it possible to ensure even more precise alignment and accuracy of fit of your knee prosthesis and, at the same time, to achieve surgical techniques that are soft tissue-friendly while shortening the operation time and optimizing the service life (longevity of the prosthesis).


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The specialists for this treatment

Dr. Maximilian Timpte

In ONZ a sought-after specialist in diseases of the shoulder joint, hip and knee.
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Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Wolfram Steens

Dr. Steens is a sought-after specialist for disorders of the hip, knee and ankle. He is a certified cartilage specialist.
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Dr. Jan Ahrens

Dr. Ahrens specializes in the surgical treatment of all major human joints. His surgical focus is on joint-retaining operations, including cartilage surgery, endoprosthetics and revision endoprosthetics.
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Heiko Schmidt

Is a specialist in minimally invasive, muscle-sparing hip arthroplasty as well as knee arthroplasty. Another focus is in the field of conservative as well as surgical and joint-preserving therapy of the upper as well as lower extremities, with shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot pathologies as well as in the field of cartilage and tendon surgery in adults and children.
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