Arthroscopy knee

Knee joint surgery using the keyhole technique

Arthroscopy of the knee joint is a modern examination and therapy procedure which allows the physician to view and assess the entire interior of the joint using an optical system in order to enable precise clarification of existing joint complaints.

Nowadays, it is possible to perform all types of meniscus operations with this procedure. Cartilage damage can be smoothed, free joint bodies removed, and scarred adhesions and mucosal folds can be cut.

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament

The complication rate for arthroscopic surgery is very low. There may be slight irritation effusions in the joint, which can usually be quickly resolved with appropriate treatment and medication. The feared complication of joint inflammation (infection) is negligible compared to the conventional surgical method. We currently survey more than 15,000 independently performed arthroscopies and arthroscopic operations and have rarely experienced complications during this time.

It is fair to say that a new era of joint surgery has dawned since the introduction of transarthroscopic joint surgery. This is reflected in the founding of numerous scientific associations that deal specifically with this fascinating method. We ourselves are members of the German-speaking Working Group for Arthroscopic Surgery and have been appointed by this German-Austrian-Swiss association to train other physicians in arthroscopic surgery.

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The specialists for this treatment

Dr. Maximilian Timpte

In ONZ a sought-after specialist in diseases of the shoulder joint, hip and knee.
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Heiko Schmidt

Is a specialist in minimally invasive, muscle-sparing hip arthroplasty as well as knee arthroplasty. Another focus is in the field of conservative as well as surgical and joint-preserving therapy of the upper as well as lower extremities, with shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot pathologies as well as in the field of cartilage and tendon surgery in adults and children.
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