Disc prosthetics

When all conservative measures have been exhausted.

The use of full disc prostheses.

Patients for whom this type of treatment is no longer possible can be offered a full disc prosthesis (TDA = total disc arthroplasty). Here, the intervertebral disc is completely removed. Instead of this disc, a disc prosthesis is placed between the vertebral bodies. This completely replaces the function of the intervertebral disc. Pain reduction can be achieved in 90% of all patients.


Advantages of nucleus replacement and disc prosthesis.

In both operations, the so-called nucleus replacement as well as the intervertebral disc prosthesis, paraplegia is not possible in any case, since there is no spinal cord left in the area of the operation. Neurological deficits do not occur with these operations, since the operation is performed outside the spinal canal and thus far away from the nerve tissue. 90% of patients treated in this way are permanently significantly improved or symptom-free.
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The specialists for this treatment

Dr. Thomas Bierstedt

Dr. Thomas Bierstedt is a specialist in neurosurgery and an expert in the conservative and surgical treatment of degenerative and traumatic spinal disorders.
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Dr. Bernd Illerhaus

Specialist in neurosurgery, spine surgery, manual medicine/chirotherapy and expert in conservative and minimally invasive endoscopic and surgical treatment of degenerative and traumatic spinal diseases.
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