Ivo Fusek

Fields of expertise

  • / Neurosurgery and neurosurgical intensive care medicine
  • / Spine Surgery
  • / Manual medicine and chiropractic


Ivo Fusek is a specialist in neurosurgery, spine surgery and an expert in conservative and minimally invasive surgical treatment of degenerative and traumatic spine diseases, as well as neuromodulatory interventions for pain and spasticity therapy.

In addition to the conservative treatment of spinal disorders, his treatment focuses in particular on disc prosthetics of the cervical spine (motion-preserving surgical procedures), decompressive and stabilizing surgery in the lumbar spine, and neuromodulation for pain therapy (implantation of “pain pacemakers” or drug pumps).

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Prior to his move to ONZ 2020, Ivo Fusek worked as a senior physician for neurosurgery at St. Barbara Klinik Hamm-Heessen since 2014, where he focused on invasive pain therapy (implantation of neurostimulators and drug pumps) and tumor surgery of the entire neuroaxis (tumors both in and on the brain, the spinal cord and the entire spine) as well as neurotraumatology, in addition to spine surgery.

He began his neurosurgical training in 2005 at the neurosurgical clinic of the Klinikum Dortmund, where he worked as a resident until moving to the St. Barbara Klinik Hamm-Heessen in 2009. After passing his specialist examination in 2011, he continued his work in Hamm first as a specialist in neurosurgery, then as a functional senior physician until his appointment as senior physician in 2014.

Ivo Fusek studied medicine at the University of Leipzig from 1998 to 2005 and completed parts of his practical training at the Neurosurgical University Hospital of Charles University in Prague.
He received his license to practice medicine in May 2005.

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